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Sun Shading Control Systems

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Sun Shading Control Systems

VENTUS attaches great importance to the effectiveness, ergonomics and operator convenience of the electrical control system of sun blinds or movable facade elements.
We plan and build our control systems in cooperation with architects, constructors, facility managers, energy managers, building technicians and the other companies active on the construction site. We have more than 20 years experience of all types of sun shading and facade systems.

Keeping abreast with current trends, global developments and legal regulations, we can help you to establish energy efficient buildings.

VENTUS control systems minimize the cooling loads and risk of overheating in summer and maximize the solar energy gains in winter. VENTUS always takes care with the ergonomics of their controls to ensure the comfort and contentment of room users.

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Sun Shading Controls




Within its baseline products, VENTUS provides a modern product line of conventional motor controllers (These are controlled via 24V DC hard wired lines). Furthermore VENTUS provides replacement parts of the famous Hüppe, Hüppe-Form and Hüppelux motor control system.

Some more facts concerning our premium products:


Using the latest building control techniques together with our practical experience of their implementation and impact on the room user, allows us to play a vital role in the establishment of long term energy efficient buildings.

As Premium products VENTUS offers comfortable and highly efficient energy effective sun shading and facade controls as well as all consulting, planning and support services. Premium products include the VENTUS central control units with functions like "Dynamic Wind Surveillance ", "Year Shading Diagram" as well as "Sun Tracking". These systems are based on the bus system standards EIB, LON, OPC, etc.
Also see our demonstration video: DEMO-VIDEO- Download