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Freitag, 16 April 2021
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Product info for facility manager

You are a facility manager or a carrier of an office building? The energy effective sun shading control systems from VENTUS brings the following advantages to your building or to your room users:
  • No needless upward movements of the motorized shades when wind. Using the ?dynamic wind surveillance? the blinds resist even on strong wind. Furthermore the blinds remain protected from severe damage.

  • Considerable Minimizing of the operating expenses when the ?dynamic wind surveillance? is implemented.
The VENTUS premium products improve your buildings regarding to ergonomics, Sustainibility and Energy savings!

Innovation : Dynamic Wind Surveillance :

The consequences of wind effects on facades during sunshine cause considerable costs of air conditioning and worsen the energy audit of an office building. As an solution and innovation, VENTUS offers the product ?dynamic wind surveillance?, which maximizes the temporal availability of exterior shadings.
in comparison to usual ? wind control systems? the temporal availability of exterior shadings (such as vention blind or textile awnings) is lowered during moderate wind strength.

When applying ?dynamic wind surveillance? of VENTUS the savings of cost of building and operating expenses descend while the comfort for the user raises ( longer glare protection, covering legal guidelines of display workstations)

Here are some details:

Reduction of the costs of construction: Because exterior shadings now become highest available, the need for additional interior glare protection ( such as roller shutters) sinks or disappears.

Reduction of the operating expenses: The costs for air conditioning and cooling can be significant diminished. Legal temperature maximums in offices ( e.g. 26 Degree in Europe) can be maintained with lowest energy efforts.

Almost invisible: Only one reference wind sensor (wind speed and wind direction) is needed. It will be placed usually on the top of the building. Doing that, VENTUS covers the wish of many Architects, which do not wand to to see technical equipment at the facade.

More information according the ?dynamic wind surveillance? and some References.