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Freitag, 16 April 2021
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Base line products
First through a reliable control system , motorized shadings become effective.
Our since decades sold conventionel sun shading control products offer the desired protection
from severe damage of outdoor venetian blinds and awnings caused by wind, rain and frost.
Furthermore our sophisticated sun automation algorithms facilitate a comfortable shading adapted to individual façade orientation and actual sun position.










Prinzip Konventionelle Steuerung

In contrast to to usual systems, VENTUS control systems only need one (!) light sensor for the control of the whole building.
The base line products of VENTUS are strong and inexpensive solutions for the most frequent used control functions when automzing sun shadings. They cover the following functions:

Digisonic MCDigisonic IP
  • Conventionel motor control system
    ( relay boxes, motor controller, distribution controller, weather sensors and masts)
  • EIB- actuators with special functions for different types of sun shadings.
  • Interfacing and Feedback to the building management system.
Regen- & SchneesensorMinisonic

VENTUS offers product variety and also service and consultance. We are specilized in taking the energy efficiency into account.
We would be pleased receiving your inquiry.
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